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A team of 6th grade educators granted a fellowship to participate in an ecotour of the Rio Napo River in Ecuador to give students a unique view of the environment.

Friday, May 28, 2010


The Amazon Divas have been busy packing for their upcoming fellowship to Yachana Lodge. We realize how blessed we are to have this opportunity to travel to another part of the world to experience how others live. Pack for a Purpose is a charitable organization that encourages travelers to pack needed items, such as school supplies, in their suitcase to donate to schools who are in need. Yachana Lodge happens to be in need and a part of Pack for a Purpose. The Amazon Divas knew we could not arrive empty handed. We called upon our fellow Briarwood Bears for help. Our plan was to receive some supplies to add to our own suitcases. As you can see in the picture, we received enough supplies to fill TWO extra suitcases, AND our colleagues have donated money to pay for the suitcases to fly with the Amazon Divas. The Amazon Divas are so appreciative of the gifts received from Briarwood Bears! We are excited to deliver our "special goods" to the children of the Yachana school.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


The Perry Daily Journal is the hometown newspaper of Mrs. DeCarlo. The attached article recognized The Amazon Divas in their May 7th edition. Fund for Teachers is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and the Amazon Divas are humbled to be members of the 2010 fellows class.

Fund for Teachers published the following statement describing the 2010 Oklahoma fellows: "This summer, 68 Oklahoma teachers representing 38 schools close their classroom doors
and embark on life- and career-changing odysseys around the world which they designed to
fuel personal and professional growth. Empowered by a Fund for Teachers fellowship, these
teachers will return to classrooms inspired and energized to share their experiences with
students, colleagues and parents." The Amazon Divas include 4 of the 12 fellows selected from Moore Public Schools.

Moore Public Schools recognized the fellows at the May 10th school board meeting.

Friday, May 21, 2010


As a team we worked in unison writing a grant to receive funds for travel to the Ecuadorian rainforest. Our proposal was sent to Fund for Teachers, an organization providing teachers with summer fellowships. We were notified in March by mail with an award letter. On April 21st we attended an orientation in which we were granted the funds for our fellowship. Our journey is soon approaching with a takeoff date of June 1st!